Full Body Relaxing Massage

- Ultimate relaxation and unwind using warmed Pure Fiji exotic oils easing aching muscles and restoring balance. Allow 60 mins.

Focus Massage

- A back, neck, and shoulder massage or time spent where needed using warmed Pure Fiji exotic oils. Allow 30 mins

Pregnancy Massage

- Starting with a Pure Fiji foot ritual including a milk bath, sugar rub exfoliation.  A hydrating foot mask is left on while you enjoy a full body massage. Allow 1 hour 15 mins.

CRYO Injury and Tension Relief

-Benefits of Cryotherapy with Massage
- Decreases pain, reduces swelling, decreases muscle spasm, reduces metabolic activity and oxygen – improving tissue healing responses, efficient and rapid removal of heat from injury site, reduces need for pain medication post injury – allowing improved focus on rehab to help return to work and play and increases blood flow and oxygen to injury site, speeding up recovery of damaged tissue.