CRYO Double Chin

Cryo T-Shock
Double Chin Treatment

New in non-surgical, no downtime aesthetic reduction of Unwanted Submental or Double Chin fat.

Non-Invasive, no downtime, non-surgical Double Chin Treatment and Submental Sculpting.

Jawline laxity and double chin is caused by age, weight, and genetic disposition and the demand for a defined jawline in men and women has increased in the last 5 years, due in part to the rise in selfies and online meetings.  

For male patients in particular, a strong jawline is a critical part of masculine physical appeal, and a simple solution that involves a non-surgical treatment is highly desired.    Whilst cosmetic injections can assist, fat destruction and skin tightening are part of a successful, natural-looking rejuvenation program for the majority of patients. 

Cryo T-Shock treatment for Double Chin treatment addresses both of the issues of fat and skin laxity.  The cold and warm temperatures delivered to the subcutaneous tissue decrease unwanted fat through lipolysis (controlled cell death), increase microcirculation and improve local blood flow to the areas being treated. The treatment also causes neocollagenesis (stimulation of the production of new collagen) which helps improve jawline laxity. 


What can you expect?

  • no pain, side effects or downtime
  • natural-looking result without plumping injections
  • no cutting, injecting or sucking of the target area
  • results within 20-30 days
  • flexibility to treat any sized area – not restricted by cups or hand-pieces




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