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Cellulite Treatment

New in non-surgical, no downtime aesthetic reduction of Unwanted Cellulite 
Non-Invasive, no downtime, non-surgical Cellulite Treatment and Body Sculpting.

Experts agree that most women, (around 90% of all women), and a small number of men have some grade of cellulite, and as hormones, like estrogen, play a role in the development of cellulite, the condition often worsens during pregnancy. 

Cellulite most commonly affects the bottom, thighs or saddle bags, and the stomach, resulting in a change in the connective tissue beneath the skin surface, creating the orange-peel, puckered appearance of cellulite dimples. And because cellulite is such a common concern, affecting all body types, there are many devices and topical treatments offering a solution; most are ineffective because cellulite occurs at a deep level of the skin, making it unlikely to achieve a result with superficial remedies. 

To combat the appearance of cellulite, patients must expect that multiple treatments will be necessary, unlike other popular body sculpting and fat reduction treatments. 

The first cause of cellulite is a hardening of the connective tissue support system of fat. The second major cause of cellulite is protrusion of fat cells into the lower part of the skin known as the “reticular dermis”. 

Cryo T-Shock treatment for cellulite addresses both of these issues – cold and warm temperatures are delivered to the subcutaneous tissue and promote lipolysis (controlled cell death), increase microcirculation and improve local blood flow to the areas being treated. This enables lymphatic drainage and stimulation of the production of new collagen which helps to break down cellulite. The micro-massage during the treatment also reduces fibrotic tissue.



What can you expect from Cryo Cellulite Treatment?

  • no side effects or downtime
  • no cutting, injecting or sucking of the target area
  • results within 20-30 days
  • flexibility to treat any sized area – not restricted by cups or hand-piece



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